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Knowledge is Power

About Us

ILM is derived from the Arabic word meaning knowledge. Our slogan; Knowledge is Power, encapsulates the sentiment behind our vision and mission. Working hand in hand with stakeholders to develop strength in partnerships across a range of industries, our services deliver consultancy on an international level:

Company Overview

As a global organisation, we hope to develop collaboration opportunities to enable quality-first education across the international borders. By bridging the disparities in education from country to country, ILM Education Consultants aims to develop global competence as well as universal leadership skills. We work with educators and leaders from varied levels of experience to upskill and up-level their pedagogical and leadership knowledge and understanding, thus equipping learners with skills, knowledge and inspiration to lead the way in the evolving world. 

With a broad base of leadership speakers and coaches that have worked with businesses, schools, communities, universities and governments, our portfolio of consultants offers specific and targeted support programmes.

Our leadership programmes stem from reputable and globally recognised educational institutions, that will enhance the effectiveness and delivery of management, resulting in the delivery of deep knowledge-based and impactful leadership.


Taking you to the next stage of your career

We offer a bespoke support service to candidates that secure a position through ILM Education Consultants. With a range of leading schools to choose from, our consultants will ensure that you achieve a position that will enable you to grow and develop in your professional career.

Find a rewarding career and teach abroad in a range of countries in highly respected international schools.


How we operate

We believe in collaboration to develop and maintain partnerships to achieve our vision

We are committed to providing an unyielding service comprising of high-quality communication and organization

Our Objectives

To enable and empower potential leaders to achieve at a global level and enter a universal arena to strive and develop ambition amongst young people.

To upskill education across the region through high-level support and intervention in educational establishments raising aspirations for professionals and students.

To encourage and enable young people to enter higher educational establishments abroad and implement transitional measures to raise confidence and ambition.

To expand our reach across the globe enabling partners to benefit from our expertise, knowledge and acumen.

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