Milestone Announcement

Today marks a monumental achievement for American Academy School Qatar, which has secured the coveted 6-year WASC accreditation, demonstrating its uncompromising commitment to providing high-quality education. Read More

Effective Communication Workshop

Reflecting on a fantastic session on effective communication yesterday, which marked the conclusion of our comprehensive leadership training series! Read more

Effective Pastoral Care

We would define this session as a highly successful training session with the dedicated pastoral team of a prestigious British international school in Qatar. The focus was on ‘Effective Pastoral Care’ – a crucial component for successful student development and healthy school culture. Read more

Training Session on Constructive Feedback

One of the highlights was discussing and practicing feedback strategies across different curriculum areas. Our teachers were particularly enthusiastic about the ‘Praise-Question-Polish’ method, ‘Error Analysis’, ‘Process-Focused Feedback’, and ‘Creative Growth Feedback’. Read more

Inclusion & Pastoral Workshops

We are absolutely thrilled to share that today, ILM Education Consultants had the privilege of hosting the renowned Daniel Sobel for our Inclusion and Pastoral workshops at GEMS Wellington School – Qatar. Read more

A Greeting to the American Academy

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Maha Teema and her fantastic leadership team at American Academy, Qatar, supporting their school improvement journey and WASC accreditation inspection. Read more

NPQH Session in Qatar: Day 2 - Vision and Excellence

The session delved deep into the importance of a clear school vision and how it can be effectively implemented within the school community to create a culture of excellence. We explored Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle, discussing why organizations that begin with the ‘Why’ are often the most successful. Read more

Student Centered Learning at Gulf English School

Just completed an incredible whole school training session on student-centered learning for our dedicated teaching staff at Gulf English School.
A huge shoutout to Greg Edwards for delivering such an engaging and inspiring session that left a lasting impact on all participants. Read more

ILM Level 2 Leadership and Management Award

This week, we had the privilege of delivering a high-impact training program to team leaders and supervisors in the Oil and Gas Industry.
We’re proud to announce that the first cohort has successfully completed the ILM Level 2 Leadership and Management Award, endorsed by City & Guilds. Read more

Six-Part Leadership Training Series

We were thrilled to see the high level of engagement and enthusiasm from all participants. This session was purposeful, knowledge-rich, and truly impactful.. Read more

Module 3 for mentors on the ECF

Led by Iram Myford, our mentors participated in a discussion-rich session, diving deep into Standard 4 and Standard 5 of the Teaching Standards to support their Early Career Teachers (ECTs). Read more

Module 3 Training for ECTs

We are thrilled to share the fantastic news about our recent Module 3 training delivered to Early Career Teachers (ECTs) at Best Practice Network across Qatar! Read more

Training Session on Constructive Feedback

Our facilitator, Clare Sharp, did an exceptional job of delivering a highly immersive and interactive session where participants were thoroughly engaged throughout. Read more

Successful Training Session for School Leaders!

Our excellent trainers had the privilege of leading another successful training session for school leaders on the important topic of reviewing teaching and learning. Read more

Importance of Pedagogy over Curriculum

Another fantastic session with colleagues at American Academy! It was truly an immersive experience as we dove deep into understanding and practicing student-centered learning. Read more

Session 2 of Coaching and Mentoring Training

Participants learned about the Johari Window and how to use it to enhance trust in professional relationships. Read more

Unlocking the Secret to Positive Student Relationships

Our focus was on equipping participants with a range of techniques and strategies to build trust and positive engagement, thus enabling learning. Read more

Student Centered Learning Workshop

Just wrapped up a highly interactive and knowledge-content rich follow-up session on student-centered learning led by the dynamic Mohammed Sidat. He captivated the audience from the start with an engaging student-centered activity that everyone enjoyed. Read more