Early Careers Framework (Previous known as NQT Induction)

We are pleased to announce an Early Careers Framework provision offer to schools in Qatar. The ECF induction programme, previously known as the NQT Induction, will be offered in collaboration with a leading provider of ECT training based in the UK (fully accredited with the Department for Education) with a tailored programme to suit the cultural and local needs of your school community in Qatar.

This is a 2-year induction programme for Early Career Teachers and their Mentors, delivering the Department for Education’s Early Career Framework reforms. Our Early Career Development Programme supports Early Career Teachers (ECTs) to develop the skills and confidence needed to flourish in the classroom.

Employing ECT can bring many positive benefits to your school including:

  • Attracting new staff
  • Improving staff retention
  • Growing capacity from within
  • High-quality continuous professional development
  • They bring new ideas, enthusiasm and energy
  • Opportunities for existing staff to develop coaching and mentoring skills and reflect on their own practice.

The programme consists of the following:

  • A combination of facilitated face-to-face training, online workshops and support for self-directed study
  • Training of in-school mentors who will meet with early career teachers on a weekly basis to share their experience and support teachers at this vital stage of their career.
  • The programme is delivered locally and in collaboration with schools whilst the programme content, divided into 9 modules and mapped to the Teachers’ standards, draw from a range of subjects, phases and contexts ensuring relevancy and maximising participation.

The course delivery is conducted in a range of methods:

  • Online conferences at the start of each year to engage with early career teachers, outline expectations and facilitate the development of peer networks. With keynotes and workshops from leading practitioners
  • Face-to-face training
  • Online facilitated workshops
  • School visits to be agreed with ECT and Mentor
  • Self-directed study allows for candidates to delve into ECF content most relevant to themselves when convenient
  • Mentor sessions with structured content

Proposed Cost:

ECF Induction



Mentor Training


£700 (Mentors with
some previous experience)




Additionally, our team can provide bespoke professional development for your teaching staff. This can be offered in a range of methods, such as but not limited to:

  • Post School Improvement Review having identified key areas for development and offered as a package of sessions spread across the academic year
  • One-off sessions based on the needs of the school
  • CPD calendar of weekly or fortnightly sessions for all school staff based on consistently providing outstanding provision

We hope that you will review the above information and look forward to receiving your expressions of interest by 20th March 2022.