Champion Women Leaders

International Women’s Leadership Programme (IWLP)

In light of the Qatar 2030 vision to increase women’s participation and empowerment in the different fields in Qatar, I am pleased to announce our forthcoming Championing Women in Leadership Conference to be held on Saturday 21st May 2022.

This event will host some of the most influential women in leadership to inspire, motivate and encourage women to pursue leadership roles. Qatar has thrived since achieving the host nation status for the FIFA World Cup 2022 and this is a fantastic achievement for the country, especially in encouraging sportsmanship. However, the country has equally seen an unfair amount of negative international press surrounding the World Cup. This has diminished the focus of the positive contributions the country is making, particularly around female empowerment. The aim of the event will seek to empower young Qatari women to lead the path in entrepreneurship, social engagement and leadership across the globe and highlight the focus of the progressive engagements the country is taking to enable leadership in women.

We will be releasing a global press conference to highlight the event with speakers coming from all over the world including leading professionals, influencers, activists and entrepreneurs. As a woman in leadership myself, I am keen to share my own successful journey, which includes my achievements and struggles that have contributed to my success and commitment towards empowering others. I am passionate about women in leadership and have worked tirelessly to support my network of colleagues in driving their success.

As CEO of ILM Education Consultants, my professional background is strongly embedded in the field of education. I was the School Principal of a thriving and high achieving school. I have led a successful tenure in my capacity as an educational leader and specialise in rapid school improvement. Equipped with an NPQH and MA.Ed in Leadership as well as a Masters in Senior Leadership and Management, I am also a Local Leader of Education (LLE) for the Department of Education in the UK, where I have supported many schools on their journey to improve.

Additionally, I am a Coach for the Women in Leadership initiative with the Teaching Schools Council (TSC), where I have mentored leaders and further developed their capacity as a leader and a fellow and member of the Chartered Management Institute (CMI). I have been supporting leaders in UK for a number of years; whilst facilitating for University College London (UCL), Institute of Education, delivering the National Professional Qualifications to middle and senior leaders as well as headteachers.

We, as an organisation, work relentlessly to support women who are about to embark or are already on a leadership journey. We boast a strong database of ‘Champion Women Leaders’ who dedicate their time to coach and mentor women to support them in embracing and implementing leadership qualities as well as to overcome their barriers and challenges.

Our opening conference, to be held on 21st May 2022, will invite our Champions to speak to women encouraging them to welcome leadership responsibilities in their careers and to motivate for positive transformation of industries. We aim to address the lower participation and learning achievements of females in science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematic (STEAM) industries whilst also celebrating the achievements of women who are successful. This is a fantastic opportunity for women to hear the journeys of experienced leaders with the aim to  empower young Qatari women to lead the path in entrepreneurship, social engagement and leadership across the globe. Empowering women in leadership is one of the most critical levers of international development.

This objective of the conference includes to:

  • Provide present and future women leaders with an exclusive forum to exchange concepts and ideas.
  • Offer a significant opportunity for female industry leaders to encourage and inspire the development of women leaders
  • Provide women an opportunity to gain thought leadership on professional development by connecting with our coaches and mentors. 

We aim that the conference will last between 4-5 hours. This includes motivational and inspirational speeches from high profile Qatari and international leaders who have successfully embarked on a leadership journey to share their experiences, successes and challenges of their journey. Following this, each invitee will participate in 3 short pre-selected workshops from a selection of ten workshops. These will be delivered by industry leaders on varied areas of leadership. The delegates will then return to the arena to learn constructive strategies and how to move forward in being more involved in social engagement, professional development and entrepreneurship. We will end the evening with our keynote celebrity speaker before a gala dinner allowing all the participants to network and share their personal experiences with each other.

Real empowerment begins when women come together and reflect leading to the recognition that women have the power to act together for change. This process of consciousness-raising and mobilization happens within women’s movements all over the world and as an educational organisation, we are dedicated to supporting this vision.

5 years ago, Sheikha Hanadi bint Nasser Al Thani, Vice-Chairperson of Nasser bin Khaled Al Thani & Sons (NBK), Founder and Chairperson of Amwal and a member of the Board of Governors of Pearl Initiative, has urged regional companies to embrace gender diversity at senior leadership and board levels. Whilst the country has seen a huge amount of progress, there is still work to do. We are embarking on this venture to contribute to this mission and we hope that you will join us.

Company Support – Sponsorship

We will be issuing a global press release shortly to announce the event and are in the process of confirming event sponsorship. As this is a non-income generating event, we will be working with industry leaders to support the event. If you would be interested in supporting our conference, please send us an email to with the subject header SPONSORSHIP – CWIL Event. I will be happy to send additional information and discuss further on phone. This is a unique event and an excellent opportunity that will support your company’s brand awareness as an ethical and socially responsible company, as participating in such events demonstrates a company’s corporate social responsibility in empowering women.

Speaker Invite

If you are interested in speaking at the event, then please send me an email with the subject header SPEAKER – CWIL Event

Workshop Facilitator

Delivering a workshop to empower women is an honour as it positively contributes to their learning and growth. We are currently working with a number of companies that are interested in delivering a 15-minute workshop at the event. This will also be an excellent opportunity to promote your brand and demonstrate your commitment to empowering women as well as encouraging women leaders to enter your industry. If you would like to facilitate a workshop during the event, then please email with the subject header WORKSHOP FACILITATION.


Please register your interest by completing the form below if you would be interested in attending the event as a delegate. The capacity will be in the region of 175 participants.

I sincerely look forward to your support towards this venture.

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