A reputable school in Doha is seeking an experienced College Counsellor for January/August 2024 start.

Among the skills, a College Counsellor should possess in order to fill the requirements of this profession include: strong oral and written communication, interpersonal and organizational skills. They should be effective advocates of their students.

The primary role of a College Counsellor is to assist Year 10 / Year 11s students with the preparation of necessary college entrance documentation and ensure that these students are meeting all requirements to enter a college upon graduating from high school. A College Counsellor might teach a course covering the basics of college admissions, meet with parents and students to review academic needs for college entrance and assist with application paperwork.

Duties and responsibilities include the following:

A College Counsellor essentially guides a student through the entire college admissions process, from satisfying college entrance exam requirements to completing a college application. This could include writing recommendation letters, contacting college admissions offices, setting up college workshops, and providing students with detailed information about the specific colleges they are considering.


BA / MA in Education or other relevant subject


Minimum 2 years experience as College Counsellor


Head of Middle and High School


  • Advise Students about College Entrance Process – informing students about the college entrance process and ensuring that each student meets the academic and registration requirements at each step of this process are the main focuses of a College Counsellor.
  • A College Counsellor is there to help with the completion of required documents, such as college essays and financial aid paperwork. They can also help students gather information about courses taken, grades, grade point average and other pertinent details a college might ask for on an application.
  • Conduct Meetings and College Visits – to keep updated about college entrance requirements, a College Counsellor might visit college campuses and meet with admissions and financial aid representatives.
  • Should arrange for college personnel to visit high school students to talk about college entrance and the college experience and arrange for students to visit local colleges.
  • Assist in developing, reviewing, or revising a career and education plan for each student.
  • Meet with students individually or in groups to discuss credits, courses, and exams.
  • Educate students and parents about college admissions, process, trends, procedures, and testing.
  • Work closely with Registrar at high school to maintain records on seniors, including GPA and transcripts.
  • Keep track of admission decisions, test results, and statistics.
  • Organize SAT, ACT, or IELTS Exam prep and setup sitting for exams various times through the year.
  • Coordinating necessary paperwork to help students satisfy college admissions requirements.
  • Assessing students’ academic progress to meet requirements of specific colleges and college programs.
  • Communicating with college admissions and financial aid departments.
  • Developing programs to teach students and parents about the college admissions process.
  • Assisting students with finding out about scholarships and other supportive programs.
  • Maintaining working relationships with various colleges and universities.
  • Understanding financial aid requirements for students of varying needs.
  • Having the ability to work with a diverse student body.

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  • Professional Development sessions
  • Keep-in-touch appointments
  • Accommodation settling-in advice
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  • Networking events

Salary Packages

  • A competitive TAX-FREE salary based on qualification and experienced (TBC)

Some employers will provide additional benefits but this will be discussed based on your application. All candidates are subject to an enhanced DBS and references.

Send your CV (with passport sized photograph), personal statement (no more than 2 A4 sides, font size 12 Arial) to info@ilmeducationconsultants.com

CLOSING DATE: 30/12/2023

Start date

End date 

January/August 2024