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CEO of ILM Education Consultants, Iram Myford oversees operations in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Principal of one of the first primary academies in the UK to achieve Outstanding grading under the revised OFSTED framework, Iram has led a successful tenure in her capacity as an educational leader.

Iram specializes in rapid school improvement and enjoys connecting leading academics and authorities in education with rising talent. Equipped with an NPQH and MA.Ed in Leadership as well as a Masters in Senior Leadership and Management, Iram is a Local Leader of Education (LLE) for the Department of Education in the UK, where she has supported many schools to develop school improvement. Iram is also a Coach for the Women in Leadership initiative with the Teaching Schools Council (TSC) and a Fellow and Member of the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

Iram has been supporting leaders in UK for a number of years; whilst facilitating for University College London (UCL), Institute of Education, delivering the National Professional Qualifications to middle and senior leaders as well as headteachers. She is passionate about education and developing teachers to become leaders.

Coupled with substantial experience and extensive knowledge of the industry and as the Chief Executive Officer of ILM Education Consultants, Iram has worked internationally, driving the success of the company to ensure that they are the leading providers of education consultancy across the globe.

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Abdulrahman Abdulla Al-Ansari confidently states that Qatar has always envisioned a higher quality of life and prosperity for his fellow and future citizens. Qatar has become the hub of thriving economic and commercial activity, which has led to the nation successfully recording one of the highest growth rates among the Middle Eastern countries and is considered among the fastest-growing economies in the world. Abdulrahman Abdulla Al-Ansari’s network of businesses has contributed to the exciting entrepreneurial rise in Qatar.

His firm commitment to provide quality-first services to customers stems from his unrelenting commitment and professionalism. He aims to contribute further to the wellbeing of the Qatari society by delivering opportunities to meet Qatar’s 2030 vision.

Within this conducive environment for growth and success, Mr Al-Ansari formed the AAI Group which today comprises of numerous diversified companies indulging in an array of economic activities with remarkable success in every sector. His enthusiasm towards developing educational opportunities internationally corresponds with the values and vision of ILM Education Consultants.

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Concept of tier vocabulary was new to me in that context and a good reminder to ensure we are introducing children to tier 2/3 words however most of these children are EAL learners and EYFS and might need to understand tier 1 words and expand their vocabulary before moving onto tier 2 words.

It would be great to have more examples of how this has been implemented in Early Years as lots of the context presented at the workshop especially the second one was not applicable to younger learners.


I really enjoyed the first session. The course was well run, and I liked the fact that we interacted with everyone on the course over the day. The facilitators were excellent. The venue was also first class, with excellent refreshments provided all-day


ILM Education consultants did an excellent job with the professional development training.it was such an interactive and informative session’s much positive energy and information/knowledge gained from each training were used to make an impact in classroom.