Kirsty Knowles

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Kirsty Knowles

Kirsty is a versatile accredited Coach, Education Thought Leader & Consultant, and Leadership & Culture Developer. She has international experience and strong acumen in education, and is advancing Human Sustainability through her Coaching Leadership style, published authorship and game-changing offerings. 

Kirsty is a dynamic and agile accredited Coach for sustainable change, inspiring Education Thought Leader and Consultant, highly astute Leadership and Culture Developer, and ardent published Writer for evoking curiosity. As a progressive Educationalist for over two decades, with deep care and game-changing ideas, she is always keen to learn and discover. With an accomplished background as Headteacher, with cross-sector skills for engendering autonomy and trust, Kirsty cultivates the experiential sense of belonging, growth as human ‘Beings’, and aligned purpose and values for individuals and teams in diverse company structures.

Kirsty is a visionary Entrepreneur having worked in diverse parts of the world. With a Coaching Leadership style, she embeds the process of shared learning for nurturing an enfranchised community. Kirsty is pioneering ‘Human Sustainability’ for enabling organisations to rethink their culture and engender systemic change for people to flourish. People matter, and collaboratively, Kirsty fosters professional and group agency, resonant in an inclusive global landscape, for humanity and businesses to thrive.

  • Founder of Think Being®
  • Accredited by EMCC for Senior Practioner Coaching, and ICF
  • Diverse and impactful Executive, Team, and Leadership Coaching for sustainable behavioural shifts and organisational change
  • Introducing and embedding Coaching and a Coaching Culture into businesses for individuals and the collective to flourish
  • Coaching Training for Senior Leaders to develop Coaching skills in a variety of sectors including: masterclass design and facilitation; lecturing, observation of Coaching; and assessment – in accordance with EMCC and ICF standards
  • Facilitate an independently crafted series of workshops entitled: Becoming a Coaching Leader©
  • Associated Coach with HopStair® – App for confidence building
  • Designing and delivering forward-thinking online and in-person international workshops and webinars for human ‘Beings’ to thrive
  • Tailored online and in-person thinking and practical sessions for Educators and Educational Leadership
  • Creating audacious initiatives and development for inclusive and diverse sustainable leadership
  • Consulting ‘Call-to-Action’ for avant-garde global education initiatives for students
  • Published thought-provoking articles, and social media and podcasts to catalyse progressive conversations:
  • Distinction for Post-Graduate in Coaching for Behavioural Change, from Henley Business School, UK
  • Distinction for Post-Graduate in Executive Coaching, from Henley Business School, UK
  • Accredited Coach by EMCC and ICF
  • Professional Member of EMCC and ICF
  • Ambassador for Worldly Wise CIC
  • Founding member of The International Schools Network
  • Former member of the Society of Heads, Junior School Heads’ Committee, UK
  • Post-Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) from the University of Cambridge, UK
  • CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) from Frances King School of English, London, UK.
  • MA in American Literature from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK with a year studying at the University of Richmond, USA