Educational Recruitment

ILM offer a bespoke recruitment service to schools offering quality-first educational staff to schools in Qatar and across the middle east. The service will ensure all recruits are ready to start at the school at the earliest date. Education experts will pre-interview and complete reference checks for schools as part of the consultancy service thus ensuring that schools only receive information of potential staff that are most likely to be successful at interview. We specialize in recruiting for senior executive educational positions such as Principals, Heads and Deputies.

We work in partnership with school leaders by visiting, meeting and fully understanding the ethos of the school before selecting candidates. This ensures a more effective match leading to long-term recruitment. Contact us for further information and to discuss your recruitment requirements. We are always ready to provide quality candidates. 

On-boarding service for new teachers, which includes but is not limited to:

  • Professional Development sessions
  • Keep-in-touch appointments
  • Accommodation settling-in advice
  • Local area guidance
  • Networking events