School Improvement

Supporting Schools in Raising Standards Collaborative Leadership

As experts in global education leadership, we provide a school improvement consultancy service that has a proven track record of successful and impactful school improvement for schools. Our network of consultants have worked with schools across the globe to improve them in a range of capacities. From delivering bespoke training for staff (including pedagogical, safeguarding and leadership), our service extends beyond a contract. We are committed to developing long-term collaborative relationships with schools to enable effective and more efficient networking allowing for schools to develop self-sufficient mechanisms to enable continuous improvement. 

Our consultants have experience with the following educational regulatory bodies:

A school improvement support plan consists of a robust time-lined process that enables the school leaders to directly work with the school consultant on various areas identified from an initial review visit. The criteria used to evaluate the school’s effectiveness will be based on effectiveness criteria of global regulatory bodies. An example support plan may consist of the following: 

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