Challenging Behaviour Training

  • Understand what challenging behaviour is, theories behind it, its potential functions, and the impact on the child and those around them.
  • Be able to monitor and assess an individual child’s behaviour using tools such as a behaviour support plan.
  • Understand the importance of a whole-school approach to behaviour
  • Be able to use proactive strategies, including building positive relationships with students, teaching roles and routines, optimizing the learning environment and using rewards effectively.
  • Be able to use deflective strategies, such as redirection and peer praise, in response to low-level disruption.
  • Be able to apply reactive strategies, such as set responses, sanctions, and consequences effectively.
  • Understand how to respond effectively to extreme behaviour, including de-escalation strategies and physical intervention during the event as well as restorative practice and targeted interventions after the incident.

Course Cost and Booking Details:

2 x 2 hour training delivered with face-to-face facilitation at own School

4000 QAR (discounts available for multiple bookings)

Up to 50 staff members

Certificate of attendance for all staff members


Please contact to book your teams.