Innovative International School of Technology and Achievement

We want to open a new school in Doha! This school will be the hub of new educational technology allowing Qatari students to access a high quality provision through innovation and AI technology. We have successfully sourced a school building to begin making this a reality and now need to secure funding to pay for the building and all start-up costs.

This is a big project but one that will change what education looks like in the world. The school will house 500 students and we aim to offer 100 academic scholarships to those from disadvantaged backgrounds to provide them the opportunity to thrive and be at the forefront of social and economic change for Qatar. These will range from 20% to 100% full scholarship depending on individual circumstances.

We want our school to be a humane, open-minded school with both feet on the ground, in which the pupils’ all-round personal development is outstanding and academic attainment is high. Above all, it will be a happy school which understands the rich inter-relationship between the curricular, the co-curricular and the pastoral. Our students will pinpoint their personal experience at this school as the foundation of their success.

Our mission is to build connection and collaborative opportunities on a global platform by instilling a deep sense of ambition. This will balance the playing field on an international level in education and professional development. We support the application of a growth mindset and by increasing knowledge, we hope to augment equality and opportunities universally. We endeavour to support, nourish and develop young people to become leaders enabling them to excel globally.

The project will be run by very experienced and successful British headteachers who understand the importance of quality of provision in academic and the co-curricular. Offering an education rich in traditions, we will open the doors of opportunity through broadening horizons whilst maintaining the highest of academic standards.

We aim to equip and prepare students to lead the way in business, entrepreneurial and social engagement around the globe; empowering others with inspirational, proactive and effective leadership.

Our Objectives

To enable and empower potential leaders to achieve at a global level and enter a universal arena to strive and develop ambition amongst young people.

To upskill education across the region through high-level support and intervention in educational establishments raising aspirations for professionals and students.

To encourage and enable young people to enter higher educational establishments abroad and implement transitional measures to raise confidence and ambition.

To expand our reach across the globe enabling partners to benefit from our expertise, knowledge and acumen.

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