Behaviour Management


An in-depth 2-day training course on understanding the psychological needs of children enabling positive behaviour management of challenging behavior from children with specific behavioral needs.

Topic Description
Understanding and Defining Challenging Behaviour Defining challenging behaviour and highlighting the impact it can have on the child and those around them. Potential causes and functions of the behaviour and different behaviour theories that we might use to better understand it. Touches on the importance of a whole- school approach when handling behaviour incidents.

• What is challenging behaviour?

• The impact of challenging behaviour

• Functions of behaviour

• Underlying causes of behaviour

• Understanding and explaining behaviour

• The whole-school approach

Proactive Behaviour Strategies Importance of putting proactive strategies in place to reduce the likelihood of challenging behaviour occurring. Techniques such as building relationships, rules and routines, preparation, rewards and optimizing the learning environment. How school culture affects the way challenging behaviour is perceived.


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