Developing English Vocabulary

A short course for teachers to achieve excellence in vocabulary acquisition for non-native English students

Course contents :

Session 1 60 minutes In this module, participants will understand the how language acquisition occurs and what learning aspects play a part in developing language skills in a second language. This module will enable educators to understand what considerations support and hinder language acquisition and factoring these into their daily practice.
Session 2 60 minutes Session 2 will focus on strategies to develop English as a language for non-native speakers. Educators will learn how to teach subject specific vocabulary and use this effectively across the curriculum resulting in improved use of vocabulary in writing and oracy.
Session 3 60 minutes The final module will help educators understand strategies and their implications in the classroom. You will learn how to ensure English language nuances can be taught explicitly using context. This session will also look at assessment of vocabulary development.


By attending this training, you will:

– Understand research into vocabulary inequality

– Explore strategies that help students with vocabulary

– Learn how to encourage sophistication in students’ vocabulary use.


This course is appropriate for primary, secondary and special schools

– Headteachers, SLT, English Coordinators

 – Class Teachers, TAs – EYFS, KS1, KS2 comic too

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