Developing Oracy Skills In English: Professional Development For Teaching Staff

As well as acquiring vocabulary, picking up pronunciation, and understanding grammar, students also need to be able to learn through the language. This requires them to comprehend the language well enough that they can grasp new, complex concepts expressed through it. Then, they must be able to ask questions, analyses ideas, and use academic language (such as the passive tense and formal vocabulary). This can be extremely difficult for those whose grasp on a language is not yet very firm.

The training course will enable teachers to support this process resulting in improved oracy as well as a greater grasp on using tier-based vocabulary across a range of subjects in the curriculum.

Providing oracy and vocabulary support leads to benefits for both the school and the individual students. These include:

Increased academic achievement

– When students feel supported – and when they are helped to understand and use the language of their curriculum – they are more likely to achieve at the expected level (or above). This is good for the individual, but also for the overall attainment levels of your school.

Higher self-esteem

– A consequence of feeling supported and being properly included in lessons is higher self-esteem for the student.

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