High Stakes Negotiation Training – Sales and Leadership


Whatever your ability, age, experience or industry background, this workshop will allow you to start a life-changing journey towards negotiating control.

To perform at your best in the negotiating room you need to have confidence in your abilities and the conviction to do the right thing at the right time. The Workshop gives you skills, knowledge and tools to control negotiations, even under pressure or when the odds seem stacked against you.

Be inspired as our expert coaches guide you through a day of intensive and rewarding skills training.

The workshop will reveal to you the building blocks that deliver negotiating control and give you a common negotiating language and framework:

• Core negotiating concepts
• The process that underpins all negotiations
• A structured approach to preparation
• Constructive information exchange
• The importance of trading

The training is the beginning of your journey. Everything you learn from the Workshop will expand and hone your skills exponentially. By the end of the workshop, your will have raised confidence, understand processes of negotiation more efficiently and inspire your colleagues to learn from your techniques.

  • Understand the CORE CONCEPTS of Negotiation
  • Understand the NEGOTIATING PROCESS and how to READ & CONTROL it
  • Understand and practice the SKILLS & TECHNIQUES associated with the key phases of the NEGOTIATION PROCESS
  • Use a COMMON negotiating LANGUAGE & PREPARATION process
  • Improve the quality of the INFORMATION EXCHANGE
  • Structure the OPENING EXCHANGES of a negotiation
  • QUESTION & LISTEN effectively to UNDERSTAND the other party
  • Trade and BARGAIN, how to put a price on demands
  • Develop TRADING VARIABLES and use TIME effectively
  • Use and respond to NEGOTIATING TACTICS
  • Understand and use the skills of the different roles of the NEGOTIATOR
  • MAXIMISE the PROFITABILITY of every deal

Our workshop is hosted by our negotiation experts. This perspective is backed by years of negotiating experience spanning disciplines such as marketing, sales, procurement, finance, consulting at senior level.

Our coaches apply their in-depth knowledge and strong interpersonal skills to turn complex ideas into simple, easy-recall techniques. They use story-telling and practical exercises to pass on powerful insights and embed easily repeatable deal-making skill sets.

Our coaches create a positive, inspiring and rewarding learning environment. Their expertise and passion is focused on making your experience as relevant as possible to your day-to-day world of work.

You will have the opportunity to receive plenty of individual direction and knowledge-sharing.

To register for this event, complete the form below. Alternatively, send us an email to info@ilmeducationconsultants.com and our team will be in touch to firm up your booking.