Leadership and Management

A series of bite-sized sessions to develop your school leaders

Course contents:

Module Duration Description
Introduction to Leadership and Management 90 minutes This module is a simple introduction to leadership behaviors and how to use theoretical leadership in education. The differences between leadership and management will be explored to identify how to be an effective manager whilst maintaining strength in leadership
Emotional Intelligence as a Leader 90 minutes Emotional Intelligence is not just about managing emotions: it involves engaging a distinct combination of emotional, personal and interpersonal skills and competencies that are essential to your leadership and management success. This module anchors the concept of EQ with a detailed assessment of your EQ strengths and opportunities for growth.
Relationship Building to Motivate 90 minutes This module explains how you can build and maintain your team by identifying a strong vision, how to manage challenges and how to get the best performance and productivity through motivation using support and challenge model.
Accountability 90 minutes Leaders will learn strategies on how to develop a culture of accountability by managing up and down. They will understand how to provide the input needed to achieve the expected team performance by holding people accountable.
Countering Team Dysfunctions 90 minutes This module will explore Lencioni’s model of dysfunctions of a team and plan contingencies against each element resulting in a deeper understanding of creating, managing and sustaining a high-performing team
Productive Use of Time 90 minutes This module looks at how to set your priorities and create SMART targets and introduces a handful of the most popular time management tools available such as Prioritisation; SMART objectives; Styles of time management; Time management tools
Delegation and Follow-Up 90 minutes Delegation is about developing others while efficiently achieving specific organizational outcomes. In this module leaders will learn to identify how to determine strategies on managing delegation to develop others and giving autonomy. Leaders will understand how to develop an empowerment cycle, where clear expectations will be communicated effectively to raise performance standards.
Coaching 120 minutes When leaders harness the power of coaching, they develop powerful leadership competences to enable people to perform more effectively with greater enjoyment and job satisfaction. in this module, leaders will learn to unlock potential and sustaining high performance using management coaching skills resulting in a culture of self-improvement through the growth of others.
Effective Communication as a Leader 90 minutes This module explores verbal communication and the subtleties of body language, together with the basics of emotional intelligence, and how these skills combine to help you become better at an essential leadership and management skill – giving feedback and active listening.
Self-Awareness and Impact of Leadership 90 minutes Conducting a guided 360 Self-Evaluation Audit on developing an awareness on own leadership skills, knowledge and behaviors. Identifying gaps in self and strategic planning on self-development as a leader


An intensive series of training and development sessions on Leadership and Management for Senior Leaders.


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