Student Centered Learning

A comprehensive course on developing a student-centred learning culture for teachers and educators.

Course contents:

Module Duration Description
Understanding Student Cantered Learning 60 minutes This module explores what student- centred d learning is and what it looks like in the classroom. Teachers will compare student outcomes resulting from active learning and review the impact of active learning on own practice.
Enabling Student-Centred Learning Strategies 60 minutes Teachers will learn a variety of strategies that enable student-centred learning and how to implement these into the classroom as well as develop a culture of assessment proficient learning.
Strategies to enable self-led learning 60 minutes This module explains how students can be trained to understand their own progression and next steps in learning across all subjects. Teachers will understand the impact of self-led learning and strategies on how to support students to enable this.


The course covers key strategies for teaching faculty that can easily be implemented in the classroom to develop student voice and student choice.

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