Special Education Needs in the Classroom

A short course for teachers to develop an inclusive culture of teaching and learning in the classroom.

This special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) in the classroom course, will help participants to support children with a range of SEND needs. Created by SEND specialists, this course has been designed for teachers and leaders to enable them to create an inclusive culture of teaching and learning in their classroom and around their school. It will be particularly useful for colleagues wishing to extend their current knowledge of SEND, as well as those looking for a refresher.

Course contents


Introduction to SEND60 minutes

Participants will be provided with an overview of the legislative framework that forms the basis of SEND provision. They will have the opportunity to assess the prevalence of SEND, and the impact SEND can have on the lives of students. Participants more also become familiar with the graduated approach- the method used to identify and support needs – as well as the four broad areas of need.

The following areas will be extensively covered:

– Understanding SEND legislation

– The impact of SEND – Identifying, labelling, and diagnosing

– The Graduated Approach

– The four broad areas of need

Roles and Responsibilities60 minutesThe roles and responsibilities of classroom teachers and school leaders will be explored in this module. Participants will understand their own individual roles and responsibility towards meeting the needs of SEND students and ensuring leaders are aware of strategies being used in the classroom. This will also be an opportunity for leaders to understand their roles and responsibilities towards SEND students within the school and how to ensure effective and constructive communication with other stakeholders including parents and external agencies.
Graduated Approach60 minutesParticipants will focus on the important of the Graduated Approach in responding effectively to SEND needs. Additionally, the four stages of the cycle – Assess, Plan, Do and Review will be explored in detail. Participants will learn how to maintain a person-centered approach throughout the four stages of the cycle. Universal, Targeted and Specialist provision will also be considered at and what this looks like in a classroom context.
Universal Provision60 minutesparticipants more understand what effective universal provision is and what this looks like in a school’s provision framework. A range of high-quality teaching strategies that can be adopted within everyday practice will also be explored to improve outcomes of students. Participants will also understand the impact of an effective learning environment as well as assessment using targeted questioning for SEND students
Cognition and Learning Needs60 minutesDuring this session, participants will explore the key elements of cognition and learning needs, and the impact that they have on student progression. The participants will also have an opportunity to understand some common conditions associated with learning difficulties and understand the signs which might suggest a student has a cognition and learning need.
Social, Emotional and Mental Health Needs60 minutesParticipants are introduced to social, emotional, and mental health (SEMH) needs, and how these can affect students’ learning. Active and passive behaviors that may suggest a student is struggling will be identified during the session as well as strategies on how to support these students.

By the end of this course, participants will:

  • Understand the SEND Code of Practice and how to apply it.
  • Develop strategies to create an inclusive classroom environment with high-quality teaching.
  • Understand the Graduated Approach and how to apply it to assess, support and monitor pupils with SEND or suspected SEND.
  • Understand the four areas of need and recommend provision for each one, in line with the Provision Framework.

Cost of Sessions:

  • 990 per participant minimum 6
  • 6 face-to-face sessions at School Site.
  • Certificate of attendance provided for all attendees

Please contact us to book your sessions by sending an email to: bdm@ilmeducationconsultants.com

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